Never kill a plant again with our extremely life-like and real to touch artificial plants. From artificial succulents to trailing plants, we are constantly adding more of our favourite plants to our collection. Our outdoor plants, such as our artificial hanging baskets will add a touch of greenery all year round and are UV resistant, as well as weather proof, so whether you keep them inside or outside, they will last forever. All of our plants are indistinguishable from the real thing and completely real to touch.

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It’s known that being around greenery and nature can improve a person’s well-being and just because they’re artificial doesn’t mean you don’t reap these benefits; the illusion of being around nature is enough to improve someone’s mood. So in spaces where light doesn’t reach, such as offices, dark corners of a room or reception areas, real plants simply won’t thrive and more than likely won’t survive. Plus if you’re away a lot, have pets (many common house plants are toxic for dogs and cats) or want to place trailing plants in areas where it’s hard to reach, then faux is the way to go. And if you love our plants, you’re going to love our artificial flower arrangements and artificial leaves too.