About Us


tropical flower arrangementFaux Flowers were established in 2016, with a mission to expand the artificial flower market and offer something new. Our only rule? If it doesn’t look real, it won’t get our seal.

We are the kind of people who love nature, love plants and above all love filling our spaces with colourful flowers. Having a bouquet in a room can totally transform it and for years we spent our time arranging flowers, writing about them and admiring them, before deciding we wanted to pursue a career in the flower industry.

We spent a lot of time researching the market, visiting florists and travelling to trade suppliers, which is when we accidentally stumbled upon artificial plants. We always remembered artificial flowers as the tired old looking things that were scattered around life-less pubs and shops, but to our surprise the new wave of plants and flowers are anything but life-less, in fact they’re totally life-like.

After showing our flowers to just about everyone we knew (sorry, guys) we realised that we weren’t the only ones who were fooled by their authenticity, so we set out on an adventure to supply the highest quality flowers, from artificial flower bouquets to wedding flowers.

Most will agree that plants and flowers completely light up a room, but fresh plants can be pretty high maintenance and extremely costly if you’re buying them regularly, so when we discovered how life-like artificial flowers and plants now look, we figured why wouldn’t you go faux?

We pride ourself on our service and our quality of plants and source a wide variety of high quality flowers from the UK, as well as overseas, customising them ourselves to ensure we’re offering something you won’t find elsewhere on the market. We can create just about anything and welcome requests, regardless of how ‘out there’ it may be.


Why Go Faux?

Call us biased, but why wouldn’t you go faux? You have a no-fuss stunning display all year round, without having to lift a finger. And since they look more life-like than ever, no one will ever know they’re faux.

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