10 Surprising Benefits of Artificial Flowers & Plants

artificial flowers,

We get it, artificial flowers… why would you?

We love fresh flowers as much as greenflies love destroying them, but when we realised how much artificial flowers have changed, we were immediately converted.

Don’t believe us? Then zoom in on our artificial flowers for the proof. We’ve got receipts.

Seriously though, beyond artificial flowers looking more realistic that ever, there are so many benefits beyond them mimicking the real deal. We looked at 10 reasons why you need artificial flowers in your life.

artificial roses,

1. They last forever.

Ok this one may sound obvious, but there aren’t many things in life that last forever, you know. Everyone loves having flowers in their home and although we love fresh flowers, they wilt and start to die the minute you place them in the vase. Whereas artificial bouquets allow you to always have a constant supply of happiness.

2. They are cost effective.

 Building on the fact that they last forever, they are going to save you a lot of cash in the long run.

Although artificial arrangements may initially set you back a bit more than a fresh flower bouquet, even if you only used to buy a few fresh bouquets a year you’d make your money back. Plus now you can have flowers in every room!

3. They’re safe.  

Ok, so when you think of flowers you wouldn’t often think of danger, but there are some hazards with fresh flowers that you don’t get with faux. Many popular flowers such as lilies, wisteria and hydrangeas contain toxins that can be fatal, especially to animals.

Fresh flowers are also banned in most UK hospitals for various reasons but most notably to stop any bacteria spreading or people developing allergies. Hospitals aren’t known for being the most colourful places, so bringing your loved one an extremely realistic faux display could just make their day.

4. They’re never out of season.

This one is a huge bonus as at different times of the year it’s pretty hard to find certain flowers, or even more colourful ones. We love lilies so having them around all year is a must and if tropical looking flowers are more your thing then you know you’re going to have to go faux.

artificial roses,

5. Hard to reach places? No problem.

Ivy trailing down the sides of kitchen cabinets can add so much character to a room… except if it’s dead. Having fresh plants in places that require a small step ladder to reach aren’t always the best idea, as watering them can quickly become a pain. Artificial ivy is so lifelike that you’ll never be able to tell the difference and you’ll never have to (forget to) water them again.

6. Did we mention they look more realistic than ever?

Honestly, just like the evolution of Madame Tussauds, gone are the days when you’d see an unconvincing faux flower display in your grandma’s living room. And if you do, tell your gran she’s doing it wrong.

One of the best parts of owning artificial plants and flowers is you can really trick your guests in to thinking you’ve become the plant whisper you’ve always dreamed of being. Artificial orchids are especially good if you’re wanting this level of deception. From the details in the stem to the material used in the petal they are completely identical to real orchids… except they don’t die.

7. They won’t die.

 We all know that millennials are notorious for killing house plants, which is not only bad news for the plant but devastating for the millennial who classed this plant as their first real responsibility in life… Guilty.

We’ve been there, so we know the pain when you have to throw them away and dabble with the idea of spending another £40 to fill the void.

8. Lack of sunlight? Then faux are just right.

There are many places where light just doesn’t reach and although we may put plants or flowers there anyway, we all know they won’t thrive, or even survive without sunlight.

Fresh flowers will start to die much sooner if they aren’t placed in a position where they’re getting light and unless you’re regularly moving your plants to spots where they’re getting light, the majority of them won’t survive either.

artificial sunflower,

9. They’re versatile.

Have you ever come to put your fresh flowers in a vase only to discover one of them has snapped? We’re looking at you, Gladioli. It happens with fresh, but not with faux.

In fact, you can bend them in to pretty much any shape you want and they’ll be ok, making for the perfect customised display.

10. They can be mixed with fresh flowers.

And finally, if you just can’t bring yourself to part ways with fresh flowers then let’s compromise. Fresh flowers and artificial flowers can be mixed together to create the ultimate extravagant display that no one will know contains faux.

It’s a great way to avoid splashing out on a large fresh display every few weeks, while still having the aroma and illusion of grandeur.

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