10 Common House Plants (& Why We Love Them)

monstera plant,

House plants are just like fruit pastilles, you simply can’t have enough of them. Ok, not strictly true… judging by the tiny jungle our neighbour is currently creating in his basement you most definitely can have too many. Within moderation however they can be the perfect little bit of life to add to your home. Just don’t kill them.

No seriously, if you’re prone to killing them you should check out our artificial plants, they’re the perfect way to get the benefits, without the responsibility.

Enough about our flawless, stunning, absolutely exquisite artificial plants though, today it’s all about the real ones and why they offer so much more than just ‘something nice to look at’.

1. Monstera (The Cheese Plant)

cheese plants,

Ok so without a doubt Monsteras are our favourite houseplant, because honestly they’re sexy AF. They’re the plant that all your others envy and it’s not hard to see why.

As well as large emerald green leaves that eventually split in to a completely unique shape (that’s where it gets the ‘cheese plant’ nick-name from) they grow incredibly quickly, produce new leaves frequently and are pretty easy to care for. Although they will need sun occasionally, they’re ok being in a shaded spot and on top of all that they also purify the air for you. To put it simply, we don’t deserve monsteras.

2. Calatheas


Calatheas have grown more popular in recent years and just like the monstera, their zebra patterned leaves make them a pretty unique looking plant. Whats even more unique is every day they perform a magic trick; spreading out their leaves in sunlight and closing them back up at night. They can tolerate shade too, but then you won’t get to witness their trick!

Calatheas are also really good for purifying the air so we love to keep them in the bedroom.

3. Sanseveria (Snake Plant)

snake plants,

The only thing not to like about snake plants is that they have a variety of weird nick-names. Like seriously, who came up with ‘Viper’s Bowstring Hemp’? We can understand the whole ‘Mother-in-Law’s Tounge’ idea, but really Snake Plant was the only nick-name it needed.

These guys grow really fast, are easy to care for apparently cast a shadow that resembles a cat (take another look at the pic).

4. Aloe Vera

aloe vera plant,

Aloe Vera is widely known for its health benefits, so why not have a constant supply of your own natural aloe vera? Even if you’re not planning on harvesting it, aloe vera plants resemble something you’d find in a sci-fi film, so if you’re in to unusually shaped plants then aloe vera is for you.

If you are wanting to use the aloe vera gel it produces, simply cut off one of the outer stems close to the base of the plant, cut it up and squeeze the gel in to a bowl or pot.

5. Palms

There are so many variety of palms and all of them will add a touch of tropical to your home. Kentia palms are particularly popular and can grow up to 12m tall. They are slow growers though so if you are wanting a large one, it’s best to buy a large one, otherwise you may be waiting a good few years before it reaches your desired height.

6. Ivy 

Ivy is almost indestructible and grows really fast so it’s great for any places where you want a trailing plant. We particularly like to place ivy above kitchen cabinets and around the bathroom, but go wild, place it above your bed if you like.

7. Peace Lily 

peace lilies,

Peace lilies are another jungle plant on this list, meaning like some of the others they are used to growing in shady environments where the light is often blocked by other plants. Their leaves look stunning alone but they also produce a white flower which is indeed peaceful.

8. Orchids

pink orchids,

Orchids are the gift that keeps on giving, if you know how to look after them. Their flowers can last anywhere up to 4 months making them somewhat of a rarity, however many unlucky souls don’t get flowers at all. If you’re one of these souls, our artificial orchids look exactly like our real ones, so they could be an option for you.

Orchids typically need a sunny spot in order to flower and the most common cause of death is from over watering. They don’t actually need that much water, around once a week, but a good test is to look at their roots –  if they’re more of a silver colour they need a drink, but if they’re green they’re good. Also, water them with walm-ish water rather than cold water, as cold can shock the plant making them very unhappy indeed.

9. Cacti


Ok no shade towards the entire cacti family, but honestly they’re not our favourite. They are literally designed to keep predators away, so while you may have yourself a houseplant, you’ve also got yourself a murder weapon.

Cacti however do have some serious benefits; mainly that it’s near impossible to kill them and even if you do, they still look like they’re alive anyway. If you’re only resort to not killing plants though is to buy a cacti, then umm did we mention we sell extremely realistic looking artificial house plants?

10. Succulents


So for the more seasoned plant-ys out there we know, succulents are indeed part of the cacti family. But do they look like something you’d fine in Dexter’s kill room? The answer is no.

Succulents are pretty adorable and like their evil cacti cousins they’re pretty hard to murder. The aim of this post wasn’t to tell you about plants that are hard to kill though, so we’re going to stop mentioning it now. Kill kill kill.

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